As a Florida attorney, you know how vital high-quality diagnostic images are to winning a personal injury case. When you and your clients choose a provider with certified medical staff and state-of-the-art equipment, every case becomes more straightforward and more easily resolved.

Here at MDN Group MRI Center, we’re dedicated to employing only the most skilled and knowledgeable certified technologists. Paired with our ultramodern suite of diagnostic imaging equipment, we’re able to quickly and accurately capture digital images needed to support your personal injury cases.

Will an MRI Increase the Value of Your Personal Injury Case?

In many situations, an MRI will increase the value of your client’s personal injury case or settlement. An MRI scan can discover injuries or problems that x-rays or ultrasounds can’t, making it a valuable piece of evidence for any case.

That said, an insurance provider may consider an MRI unnecessary and refuse to cover it. If an insurer denies coverage or liability, an MRI may not make much of a difference. Typically, the more clearly the scan shows muscle, ligament, or tendon damage, the more likely it is to increase the value of your case.

Your clients should ideally get their diagnostic imaging services within one week of sustaining their personal injuries. This makes it easier for our technologists and your client’s physician to confirm exactly when and how the injuries were sustained. As the injuries get older and start to heal, it’s less likely that an MRI will increase the value of your personal injury case.

Can You See Nerve Damage in an MRI?

Yes, nerve damage can be seen in an MRI scan. Typically, your client’s physician will perform a neurological examination and then order an MRI to confirm the findings. At our Florida MRI centers, we have several different options of MRI machines to offer your clients.

Our Open MRI and Upright Open MRI machines, in addition to our standard MRI equipment, are perfect for a wide range of unique situations. Whether you have a client whose claustrophobia requires an Open MRI or a client whose injuries require standing in an Upright Open MRI, our diagnostic imaging services can be customized as needed.

We Provide Fast and Accurate Results

It’s always an option for your client to visit the local hospital for diagnostic imaging. The thing is, hospitals are often extremely backlogged for these services. Getting the appointment scheduled in a timely fashion is hard enough, let alone quickly getting the report from your client’s physician.

This slow turnaround is bad news for you and your clients. Time is always of the essence when it comes to building a strong personal injury case with irrefutable evidence. MDN Group MRI Center strives to offer same-day appointments and a fast turnaround for our radiologist reports.

Thanks to our modern diagnostic imaging equipment, all images are captured and transmitted digitally with complete HIPAA compliance. We’re happy to coordinate with your client’s medical team, plus our internal processes have been streamlined to make working with us as easy as possible. You’ll never have to spend valuable time trying to sort through and organize images for each of your clients again.

Why Do Lawyers and Patients Need This Information?

Lawyers like you and patients need this information because a personal injury has serious negative impacts to patient health. The patient’s career, daily activities, and quality of life may all be affected for years to come.

With diagnostic images in hand, you and your client stand a better chance of winning the case and being awarded a meaningful settlement. Without this information, a court is far less likely to fully grasp just how far-reaching the negative ripples of your client’s personal injury are.

Patient-Centered Services

MDN Group MRI Center is no stranger to working with attorneys like you on personal injury cases. Our team of certified medical professionals and knowledgeable admin staff is here to support you and your clients every step of the way.

We understand the delicate balance between capturing high-quality diagnostic images quickly and providing your clients with empathetic diagnostic services. We’re committed to making every one of your personal injury cases as smooth and successful as can be.

From striving to offer same-day appointments to streamlining our HIPAA-compliant organization processes, MDN Group MRI Center remains constantly focused on top-notch service for you and your clients. If you’d like to learn more about how we work with attorneys like you or you’d like to send your clients our way, just give us a call at (305) 496-1185.