When your healthcare provider decides you need an MRI, it’s best to know all the things you need before you go for an MRI. Most people have lots of questions about an MRI and with reason, and that is why we created this article.

At MDN Group MRI Center, we’re focused on making diagnostic imaging as easy and convenient as possible. Whether you’ve never had an MRI before or you’re wondering how we do things compared to the hospital, we’ve got you covered. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly what to expect during your appointment and why it’s not as scary as you may think.

What is an MRI?

An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan is an exam used to capture digital images of your body’s internal organs and tissues. These images help your physician diagnose conditions, monitor the progression of injuries, and evaluate the effectiveness of prescribed treatment programs.

An MRI scan is one of the least invasive medical exams you’ll ever have to undergo. Because an MRI machine uses radio waves and large magnets to capture images, you don’t have to deal with much preparation or discomfort.

What Do You Need to Do to Prepare for an MRI?

Both our technologists and your physician will inform you of any specific actions or restrictions needed to prepare for your MRI. Every exam is different, and there are few universal rules that apply to all MRI scans.

That said, you’ll always be asked to remove any piercings and jewelry before an MRI. You’ll also need to remove most metal objects like watches, eyeglasses, hair accessories, and hearing aids. Before your appointment, we’ll ask about any metal implants, pins, or screws we should be aware of.

If you’re nursing, pregnant, or may be pregnant, please notify our staff ahead of your MRI. Additionally, if you have tattoos, kidney or liver issues, or certain other conditions, we may need to make certain accommodations. We’ll give you a thorough screening as part of the preparation for your MRI.

What Shouldn’t You Do Before an MRI?

Before your MRI, you shouldn’t make any major routine changes, ignore preparation instructions, or get any new piercings. In some cases, your healthcare provider may instruct you to make adjustments to you daily routine or take certain steps before your MRI. If this describes your situation, follow the instructions you’re given.

In other situations, you may be told to maintain your daily routine ahead of your MRI. If this describes you, do your best to avoid major disruptions before your exam. Your diet, sleep schedule, and level of physical activity are some examples of aspects you’ll want to keep steady before the MRI scan.

What Happens During the MRI Procedure?

During the MRI procedure, the large magnets will make a bit of noise but you won’t feel anything. The communication of the radio waves and the magnets is not only painless, but also undetectable to the human eye.

Even better, there are no moving or dangerous parts anywhere near you. Whether your scan is done with a traditional MRI machine, our Open MRI, or Upright Open MRI machine, you don’t have to do any work.

Depending on which machine we use, you may be offered earplugs or headphones to help cover the sounds of the magnets. You’ll also always be able to communicate with your technologist if you experience any issues or discomfort.

What Should I Expect After an MRI?

After an MRI, you should immediately be able to resume your normal activities and return to your daily routine. Our MRI scans are outpatient exams, so you only need to be in our clinic for a short amount of time.

We’ll send your diagnostic images to your healthcare provider immediately following your appointment. We can also make arrangements with your legal team and other members of your healthcare team as needed.

Our team of technologists is committed to getting high-quality, accurate diagnostic images from your first appointment. While it is possible your physician will order additional scans, we do our best to capture everything needed in just one visit. An MRI shouldn’t cause multiple disruptions and follow-up appointments to your already busy life.

Need a Convenient and Affordable Florida MRI Scan?

We understand that nobody is particularly excited about getting an MRI. But when your physician requires diagnostic images, it’s in your best interest to book an appointment as soon as possible.

The longer you delay your exam, the less helpful diagnostic images are. That’s why we do our best to offer same-day Florida MRI scans, including Open MRI and Upright Open MRI machine options. Our staff of certified and caring technologists are committed to making your experience as stress-free as possible.

If you need diagnostic images to start your journey of recovery, just call us today at (833) 467-4722 or contact us to schedule an appointment.